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bird eye view of production facilities of Monosi Syskevasia SA

MONOSI SYSKEVASIA SA was founded in 1997. The company specializes in production of thermal insulation products and packaging. In 2001 MONOSI launched new state of the art production facilities, in 70 km Athens-Lamia National Road.

MONOSI SYSKEVASIA was the first company in Greece that represents the famous BASF's thermal insulating brand NEOPOR. In 2005 MONOSI established a new commercial department, offering state of the art products for constructions. In the past MONOSI was one of the biggest suppliers for public works constructions and for pharmaceutical companies.

inside manufacturing area

EPS products

MONOSI SYSKEVASIA is a marketing oriented company with emphasis on quality and fulfillment of customer needs. Recently the CEO initiated a series of a long term investment plan to better serve its customer needs. In 2007 MONOSI launched a new production section with 5 EPS machines and also in 2010 the company purchased a new machine with robot technology applications.

MONOSI SYSKEVASIA SA is member of Hellenic Association of Expanded Polystyrene Producers and a participant of the European Corporate Games strengthening the competitive spirit of its own employees.

The company's main objective for the next decade is to remain at competitive levels, despite the financial crisis.


  • Neopor by Basf
  • EPS insulation products (Nikmar, Isomak, Styrowall, Isoblock, Isowand)
  • EPS Geofoam
  • EPS packaging

ready to ship EPS products

Contact Information

Address: 70th km Athens-Lamia National Road, Greece

Phone: 0030.22620.89840, 0030.22620.89850-1

Fax: 0030.22620.89852

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